Kamis, 16 Oktober 2008

you see these are my photographs with my girlfriend..

the first photograph was in my house,is it beautiful?at that time i became her hair dresser n i satisfied with the result..hehe..

the second phtograph was in her house when we just came home from dinner.. Saturday night in tebing tinggi..it quite amazing..haha..

the third photograph was when we went to pematang siantar to make a wish...hahaha..i have so many wishes with her..i wish that i don't wanna replace her with the other girl anymore until we get married,until we become old n until we die..hehehe..it's sounds like a lie.. but i'm serious with her..

the fourth..that's my girlfriend..what do you think about her?is she beautiful?yeah..she has a nice pink lips,right???this photograph was the first photograph that she has sent to me when i wanna her become my girl friend..

the last photograph..i took that photograph,when we went to brastagi with my family...see first.. see our photograph..do you think our face same or not?so many people said that our face are same...hihihi...like brother n sister but i hope that same face are one of the sign that we will become a happy good couple forever..hihihi...

if you wanna reply this comment,please send me a message to my phone number, i mean..my handphone number.. oke??bye2 friend................

Jumat, 07 Maret 2008